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Overview: The Value of Employee Assessments

How can you predict employee success?

There are two general categories of employees: the ones who say, "It's just a job," and the ones who take their work seriously and are committed to helping you grow. Of course you want only the second type, but how do you identify and hire them? Our top-of-the-line job employee assessment tools and hiring processes can help you answer that question and create a workforce of top performers.

Our Approach: Employee Success Benchmarks

We identify potential top performers by creating & using employee success benchmarks. This is done based on our proprietary four-step evaluation process, which only takes a few days to complete. At the end of this process, you'll see immediately if your new hires have what it takes to succeed in the job.

Research shows that if you use employee assessment techniques in addition to resumes, interviews and reference checks, your chances of hiring a top performer increase to 75%. Why? Because you're custom-designing your workforce. The most successful companies have done it using our unique career assessment tools and hiring practices, and yours can, too.

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