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Sample Cases

Over the years we've worked with many professionals to help them get beyond their personal barriers and achieve greater success at work and in life. Using our unique whole-brain approach known as Brain Upgrade, we've found that unproductive behavior such as procrastination can be corrected with just a few hours of Brain Upgrade activities. A few sample cases are descibed below.

Brain-Friendly Practices for Positive Results

A salesman on commission could not motivate himself to make phone calls. He was down on himself for not doing better and tried to talk himself into doing the job, but that didn't work. Then he started a routine of sitting in a position with his ankles and wrists crossed, pressing on three sets of acupressure points, and doing "cross crawls", an exercise that resembles walking in place. He did these exercises twice a day for three weeks. Then he started to effortlessly meet his quota of phone calls, and actually enjoyed it!

A high-level financial analyst was rendered speechless in meetings where she was the only woman present. She was taught a whole body movement that increased communication between the instinctive reptilian brain and the rational cortex. She also used self-massage to release the muscles in the backs of her legs, which had the effect of putting the reptilian brain at ease. Within a week, she reported that she astonished her male colleagues with her eloquence in meetings.

A brilliant financial planner felt stifled and discouraged by new regulatory changes affecting her profession. She started suffering from sudden energy drops that interfered with her normally goal-oriented professional activities. She was then taught 5 Brain Upgrade activities. Within 3 weeks, her energy level was back to normal and she was enthusiastically pursuing a new program she had created to deal with the new regulatory changes.

An accomplished IT professional seriously procrastinated before performing many routine tasks, such as turning in reports. She spent 10 minutes a day doing Brain Upgrade activities, which connected her detail-oriented left brain to her big-picture-oriented right brain and also opened up the channels to her motivation. Within 2 weeks she started to catch up with her reports, within 3 weeks she cleaned up her desk (and her apartment!), and within 4 weeks she was completely on schedule and has remained that way since.