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Overview: What Is an Emotionally Intelligent Business?

An emotionally intelligent business achieves excellence through combining smart business practices with the unique brain development technology - Brain Upgrade - for change and growth. It starts with having the right people in the right jobs. There are people who say "it's just a job" and there are people who take their work seriously and are committed to helping you grow. With our top-of-the-line career assessment tools and hiring practices, you can make sure you are hiring only the latter and have a workforce of top performers.

But even top performers will not do well if the employee expectations and responsibilities are not clear. We help you develop detailed job descriptions and employee accountabilities for each position, so each employee knows exactly what to do and it's easy for you to evaluate employee performance based on objective criteria.

Emotionally intelligent business needs to have the right organizational structure for its current and long term needs. Who should report to whom? Should the organizational structure be more hierarchical or more horizontal and open? It depends on your business needs and goals. Our team of industrial psychologists and business experts will help you determine and put in place the most effective organizational structure and improve communication lines for your business.

Every business needs to keep up the morale, motivations and skills of its workforce. To the end, we offer a unique emotional intelligence training and development program, based on our proprietary brain integration system - Brain Upgrade. Brain Upgrade combines most innovative brain development practices with a unique management change process that brings results in record time.