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Employee Performance Expectations

You've done your employee assessments. You've completed the hiring process. Now you're faced with another fundamental question:

Do your employees know exactly what is expected of them and how their performance will be evaluated?

Inconsistent expectations and employee performance reviews are a big cause of low morale. They lead to lower employee productivity, increased risk of turnover, and sometimes even legal action.

Consistent expectations and evaluations, on the other hand, increase employee motivation and confidence. The right employee performance measurements encourage high morale and provide objective employee evaluation criteria that everyone can agree to.

Our Approach: Detail and Clarity

Our process begins with an often-overlooked yet crucial element: job descriptions. This is where employee expectations and responsibilities are first set. If job descriptions are detailed and accountabilities are clear, employees know exactly what to do and managers know exactly how to evaluate employee performance.

Developing employee performance standards and goals follows naturally. We can help you define what those are, as well as uncover skills and attitude gaps among your employees, which in turn helps you target your employee training and development needs more precisely.

Clear expectations and well-crafted measurements don't just raise employee morale. They lower your costs and improve employee productivity and the bottom line.