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Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of your business impacts its performance. How? By affecting its behavior.

Think of success as a behavior: the behavior of your business as well as the behavior of your employees.

"Few efforts to produce significant organizational change succeed. Frustrated CEOs discover again and again that it's easier to change traditional organizational structure than traditional mental models. For example, an organization can be reengineered...but the same old people in the new organizational structure often produce the same results. Earlier studies by Ernst and Young and Arthur D. Little found that less than one third of the total organizational change programs started in the late 1980s and early 1990s had significant impact on profitability and a large fraction were discontinued within a couple of years…We seem somehow to think that we can get organizational change without personal change."
- Peter M. Senge, introduction to An Unused Intelligence, Conari Press, 1995.

Our Approach: Organizational Change with Personal Change

The organizational structure of your business should encourage the employee behavior that will produce short- and long-term success. Who should report to whom? Should the organizational structure be more hierarchical or more horizontal and open? It depends on your needs and goals. Our team of industrial psychologists and business experts will help you determine and put in place the most effective organizational structure and communication lines for your business.

Whether you are an existing business or just starting out, we can help you through organizational change and the personal change that goes with it. Our unique blend of smart business practices and "smart" techniques for improving individual and collective brain power ensures that you're not getting one type of change without the other.