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Overview: Our Unique Brain Development System

Every business needs to keep up the morale, motivations and skills of its workforce. To that end, we offer a unique training program based on our proprietary brain development and integration system: Brain Upgrade®. Brain Upgrade combines the best and most innovative brain development practices with a unique personal change process that brings results in record time.

Brain Styles, Communication, and Team Building

Left-brained people think differently from right-brained people (think Vulcan and Bridget Jones). Can they learn to get along? After all, they have different styles of work, communication, problem-solving...In our unique seminar, participants will learn to solve communication problems by recognizing and understanding the strengths, weaknesses, and special needs of all brain styles. They will understand their own style and those of their co-workers. They will also integrate both brain hemispheres, resulting in expanded abilities, so that:

  • Detail-oriented individuals will see more of the big picture,
  • individuals who have problems with planning and meeting deadlines will become more organized,
  • individuals who have difficulty controlling their emotions will become more rational,
  • overly cerebral individuals will become more empathetic,
  • and more!

Coping with Organizational Change and Creating a New Future

Dramatic organizational changes like mergers, restructuring or even getting a promotion all call for new employee behaviors. Unfortunately, executives as well as rank employees often find themselves stuck in old ways and are unable to adapt. This is because sudden changes activate the brain's survival centers. These in turn block the part of the brain where rational thinking and new learning takes place. Brain Upgrade uses proprietary techniques that disengage the survival reflexes. This brain development approach immediately restores the ability to adapt and make new choices, and it generates enthusiasm for new opportunities. These skills will be particularly useful in current economic conditions.

Developing Emotional Intelligence

This highly innovative brain integration seminar combines our contemporary left-brain/right-brain model with the ancient Chinese approach to understanding emotions. Participants will experience practical exercises that create better communication between their rational and emotional brain centers. Equipped with these exercises, participants will have permanent tools to continue developing emotional intelligence on their own. Topics include:

  • Who is really in charge of our brains
  • What emotions are really saying
  • How to effectively handle emotions
  • Why there are no "negative" emotions
  • How to make room for emotions in the workplace
  • Effective alternatives to "self-control"

The Wisdom Of Anger™: New Approach to Anger Management and Prevention

The right brain hemisphere while logic processes emotions, including anger, reason and verbal skills are processed by the left brain. The most common thing that happens when someone becomes angry is that the hemispheres stop communicating with each other. That's why it's so difficult to reason with a person who is agitated. The good news is that the right brain, as well as other brain centers that are also involved in anger, can be easily reached by the unique Brain Upgrade approach. We use simple and easy brain integration skills, which can be used daily not only to manage anger but also prevent it. This seminar includes learning:

  • What anger is and why it's there
  • How to control anger in unexpected ways
  • How to prevent angry outbursts
  • Why denying or repressing your emotions is counterproductive
  • And much more!

Participants have reported decrease in their angry feelings from 20% to 90% in just 15 minutes!

Brain Upgrade Stress Management Approach

Surprise: the brain centers responsible for stress reactions are generally not under our conscious control! These centers include the autonomic nervous system and the parts of our brain that are responsible for the body and emotions.

Even though breathing is one of the commonly used methods to gain control over stress, there are many other techniques that can calm our stressed nervous system much more effectively. The proprietary Brain Upgrade method uses 10 easy and quick activities that restore balance and communication among agitated brain center. As a result, participants experience an immediate decrease of stress reaction, calmer behavior and increased rational thinking. When practiced regularly, these brain-friendly activities raise participantsí resilience so they can respond calmly to many situations that would previously throw them off balance.

Natural Intelligence Systems, Inc. will happily design a custom seminar for your business to increase motivation, productivity and morale.