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Brain Secrets: Using the Body to Improve Performance

Our Brain Upgrade system can change behavior and improve performance. By using physical activities to stimulate whole-brain functioning, it generates improvements in the "mental" functions needed to perform well on the job. Our system is based on three powerful ideas:

Secret #1

In order for anyone's brain to function effectively, there has to be communication between the various parts. Performance depends on communication between different parts of the brain, including the parts that are in charge of the body and the emotions. If the communication breaks down anywhere, it can cause people to have problems being organized, making decisions, thinking things through, following instructions, and getting along with others.

Secret #2

Contrary to what you may have thought or heard, the brain is stimulated more by physical activity than by so-called mental activity. That's why most people report that they think more clearly after they have exercised. When a communication breakdown occurs, it can be restored by physical activities.

Secret #3

Because different physical activities have different effects on the brain, physical activities can be specifically targeted to affect specific brain functions. For example, a memory lapse can be quickly corrected by activities that stimulate communication between long-term and short-term memory centers.

Putting these secrets into practice, we'll work with you to determine the right type of activities for your employees.